Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is my 100th blogpost! When I started this blog, I had a LOT more free time and interest in writing. I would have predicted that I would hit my one hundredth post long before now! Between a new job, husband, new house, and new city, I'm good if I can sift through my Google Reader! Anyway, happy celebration -- two reasons to celebrate: pup's first birthday and my 100th post!

Here is a blogpost written by my students:
Mrs. Linderman got a new puppy in January and his name is Sawyer. He will turn one on April 23rd!

Here are our ideas for how Sawyer should celebrate his first birthday:

From Paxton, age 8 (almost 9!),
For Sawyer's 1st birthday, you should give him a treadmill and tie a bone to the handles so he will chase it and even, maybe, get a tv fro him to watch sports or something. That's how I would celebrate his birthday.

From Sarah Curtis, age 8,
For Sawyer's birthday, I would buy him a birthday hate, a huge bone, and dog cake. Then, put the birthday hat on him and give him a huge iece of dog cake and put the huge bone on top! That is how I would celebrate Sawyer's birthday!

From Anna, age 8,
You should get cookies for Sawyer's b-day but you have to get the type of cookies for dogs, or you can get a medium size bone. But for the party, invite just two dogs so it won't get too crazy!

From Tanner, age 8,
If I could attend Sawyer's first birthday, I would...
First, I would have to think of a theme...maybe Super Sawyer or Sir Sawyer the Great. Then, you woul dhave to buy all of the goodies for Super Sawyer like a cape, a piñata, or a sculpture or a Sawyer mobile! That is what I would do for Sawyer's birthday.


From Mrs. Linderman: We'll be celebrating at the beach; hopefully he'll get into the ocean this time! Maybe he can wear a birthday hat too... :)