Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feliz Thanksgiving...?

I teach my students one or two Spanish phrases at the end of each school day and they always try to come up with some crazy word or phrase to stump Miss Henderson.

Well. Yesterday, one sweet child asked me if we could learn how to say "Happy Thanksgiving"...
I replied that there is not an exact Spanish phrase because the Thanksgiving holiday and tradition began in America.

Their faces turned to gloom. It was as if I just told them that they would never have recess again, as long as they lived.

Perturbed and reflecting on how we had been discussing the importance of the Thanksgiving holiday and origin, I reiterated to the class that other countries do not celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. And...then I taught them the Spanish word for turkey. El pavo.

The bell rang as I was shaking my head, in disbelief, that my students were heart broken over the fact that the Pilgrims did not sail to Mexico. Or Spain. Or Ecuador.

Whew. I am ready for Thanksgiving break with my family and Grant!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Robby: BuuuuuRP.

Me: Robby!

Robby: Oops. Sorry Miss Henderson. But it's been trying to get out since lunch.


Monday, November 9, 2009


The reunion weekend with Grant was perfect.

His family and I got him off the plane,

fed him Bojangles (per request), cleaned up and went down the road a bit to CH so he could catch up with brothers at UNC-CH's homecoming game versus Duke.

Great game on Saturday evening followed up by a perfect autumn Sunday afternoon together and with family.

He is coming to visit my students this week as well -- he is bringing them Ethiopian lollipops :) Grant returned with many sweet gifts for us all. I got a Carolina blue handwoven scarf, Carolina blue Longchamp, and Carolina blue and silver handcrafted earrings. Do you see a theme there?


Saturday, November 7, 2009


The last few weeks have been fun-filled in our third grade classroom! Report cards went home with the little ones, Book Character Day, parent/teacher conferences, Honors Assembly, Board Game Reward Day, and Picture Day!

In the usual organized chaos of packing up to go home on Friday afternoon,
Little Luke, out of the blue asks me:
Miss Henderson, why do they call it Pennsylvania? Do they sell a lot of pencils there?

Good question.

I love this child. I will never forget him. See picture below. You will find Luke in his book character costume, dressed as Will from the children's book, "Will, God's Mighty Warrior". He is definitely "in character" striking a warrior pose in the back row with his homemade sword and shield! Such a sweet, sweet child.

I was Junie B. Jones... :)

And SUPER important side note: Grant returns from Africa today! His plane arrives in DC in just an hour! YAHOOOO!
Welcome home to my wonderful boyfriend!