Monday, September 28, 2009


Third grade has been a lot of fun. I love how enthusiastic each child is about learning and they continue to crack me up. There are moments that I think I'm going to freak out from stress and then I end up just laughing.

Check this out:

Me: Okay, Kiddo, if every student decided to talk as much as you do and continued to talk even when I ask you to be quiet, what do you think would happen to this classroom?!

Kiddo: Um...welll Miss Henderson, it would be a disaster.

Me: Okay. Good. I'm glad we are on the same page.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I would like to think that I am a fair teacher who expects the most of her students. Today, I was flabbergasted (what a funny word...) by one of my students.
Enter the 8 year old boy. Check out his responses as to why he didn't do his homework:

1) His living room is too small.
2) He could not find a pencil.
3) Soccer practice always comes before homework.

I didn't even try to process those excuses.
My response: Really? Are you being serious?

I followed up with: Do you think David Beckham did his homework? What about Mia Hamm?
FAIL Miss Henderson because this child had no idea who those athletes are. That comparison did not work. I sent him out to recess. I needed to take a deep breath.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Happy Thoughts

Grant and Company made it to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia! YAY!!! I patiently await a sweet email or two every afternoon (the 8 hour time difference is tricky so we haven't gotten to talk on the phone yet). He is a talented writer and I enjoy the updates so much.

My students continue to crack me up. I was super sore at school today from last night's ballet class (took dance all throughout high school but not during college so it's been over four years and I am back at it!) and when I got up from my chair after Read Aloud (Ramona Quimby, Age 8), I winced (and may have gasped from the pain). My student who will remain nameless but let's call him Class Clown...responds with:

"Miss H, are you getting old ALREADY?! My mom makes that face a lot and she says it's because she is older than the hills...!"

I think my students want to believe I am still a teenager (read: their bestest friend). One of my little Taylor Swift or Hannah Montana (take your pick) "Wanna-Be"s invited me to her sleepover last weekend.

I hated to decline...but I didn't think they could hang with me for an all night girl bash. Sad truth: I had to explain that I am their teacher and would love to hear about their weekend once we return to school on Monday. BORING. And I hated to burst their bubble.

But something sweet to end on this evening...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Staying Busy

The Boy has left for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his best friend and two buddies from college. They are going with the Cherokee Gives Back program. I am waiting patiently to hear whether he has made it safely.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying teaching in the third grade and staying busy until he returns on November 7th. Hopefully, I will have time to keep you all posted on the silly things that 8 year olds say. :)

Romans 8:28.