Monday, July 20, 2009

third grade.

Well blog friends, I am officially hired as a third grade teacher! I will be residing in my parent's new home in just a few short weeks and then begin learning the ropes of third grade in August. How exciting! I was honestly hoping for kindergarten or first grade job offer but a job is a job! And I am thrilled. I hope to post pictures of my new residence and classroom as soon as everything is presentable for blog world.

On the fashion front, I found three Lilly tops today at a consignment shop in MHC that I absolutely adore. Super excited. Headed to Raleigh tonight to move out some more things from Grant's parent's home and pick up my sister from the airport. She is returning from Belize!

Here is a picture of me from our recent "family vacation"...I put that phrase in quotes because our vacations to the mountains of North Carolina are typically the furthest away from what most folks would coin a vacation. We hike, dress up in kilts, wake up way too early to go to the Scottish games, and eat hurried meals.
But yes, we all went to the Grandfather Mountain Swinging Bridge and we all crossed it :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


and the livin' is easy. And fun. Check out this kiddo enjoying his summer afternoon in the sprinkler.

sweet image found at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket.

What have you all been up to this summer? Can you believe July is already here?!