Saturday, November 1, 2008

Heart Attack on a Stick?

My first collegiate North Carolina State Fair experience could not have been better (maybe a bit warmer...but I didn't whine!) ...

I love people watching and boy, was that a perfect place to do it. Along with people watching, I heard so many interesting things while standing in line for the fab fried food, rickety rides, and silly games of which I think I could never win a stuffed animal. One thing that I overheard when we were in line for fried pecan pie (my favorite of the evening) was "Dern, that pie looks like a heart attack on a stick"...

Oh, how I love living in the South...we fry everything. Take a gander at what we ate at the Fair:

fried Oreos.
fried Reese's.
fried macaroni and cheese.
fried pecan pie.
fried green tomatoes.

And ended the lovely night with fireworks :)

Can you tell from this picture that we're stuffed??

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