Thursday, February 12, 2009


Yahoo! We're having a Valentine's Day Card Swap tomorrow for the little munchkins. In preparation for our fun afternoon, today our students decorated big folders for their itty bitty Valentine's cards, candy, stickers, and HSM tattoos (yes, I'm making that prediction).

While gluing his pink, purple, and white hearts, onto his bright red folder, Rat Tail proclaims: "Ms. Henderson, I'm just a-workin' for love." Oh boy.


Amidst the gluing, cutting, and coloring, 5 year old who insists he is the next Jay-Z was being absolutely absurd and I went over and quietly asked him what was going on today and why he was having such a hard time making good choices. He replied: "Oh I just don't know...I think I need to go back on that behavior contract, Ms. Henderson...I need more support you know. I need to be able to tell my mommy and daddy when I have good know, when I get all smileys."

No surprise, but the same two little boys were sweetly featured here.

PS -- Valentine's Cocktail tomorrow evening with the Boy. Pretty dresses and bow ties. yessssss. love love love.


ms. mindless said...

i can't wait for tomorrow's valentine's festivities in class!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

Sigh. Poor Rat Tail and Jay-Z. I would hate for them to throw down one day. That would be like Vanilla Ice meets MC Hammer. On second thought, I might love that.

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your students sound adorable. I love when kids say the cutest things.

Have fun this weekend...

Aliya said...

aww that sounds like so much fun! i love being crafty with kids! :)

Kappa Prep said...

Have the most fantastic night with the boy!!