Saturday, November 7, 2009


The last few weeks have been fun-filled in our third grade classroom! Report cards went home with the little ones, Book Character Day, parent/teacher conferences, Honors Assembly, Board Game Reward Day, and Picture Day!

In the usual organized chaos of packing up to go home on Friday afternoon,
Little Luke, out of the blue asks me:
Miss Henderson, why do they call it Pennsylvania? Do they sell a lot of pencils there?

Good question.

I love this child. I will never forget him. See picture below. You will find Luke in his book character costume, dressed as Will from the children's book, "Will, God's Mighty Warrior". He is definitely "in character" striking a warrior pose in the back row with his homemade sword and shield! Such a sweet, sweet child.

I was Junie B. Jones... :)

And SUPER important side note: Grant returns from Africa today! His plane arrives in DC in just an hour! YAHOOOO!
Welcome home to my wonderful boyfriend!


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College Belle said...

How cute! I gave you an award!