Friday, May 29, 2009


Welp kiddos, I'm leaving Raleigh/Cary officially on Sunday.
I will be moving back to Carteret County to live with my parents
in their new home that will be finished circa July. Let's pray
that I'm offered a legitimate teaching job near home.
I'm excited about moving back to the beach but will certainly
miss Raleigh, Grant's family in Cary, and the family that I've
babysat for over the past two years in Apex.

Grant is recovering nicely from his surgery. Thank you for
the thoughts and prayers!
My favorite quote of his over
the last few weeks: "Sweetheart, when I breathe through my
mouth, air goes into my nose!!!"
My response: "Yes darlin, that is normal..." -- Yay for this little nose!

Picture from Memorial Day Weekend at Peaks of Otter, VA (Yes, Grant recovered soon enough to travel to Smith Mountain Lake for the holiday! yay!)

Ready for the beach and a fun summer with the Boy. He will be a camp counselor near my home. Perfect :)

Friday, May 15, 2009


I've been blessed with lovely sinuses and never had trouble with them before -- even experienced my first allergy issues this spring. However, the Boy has had trouble with his sinuses since birth. Poor thing.

He had surgery this past Tuesday at WakeMed and the doctor did an amazing job. If anyone out in the blog world knows about sinus reconstruction surgery, they know how painful the recovery process is. To him and anyone who has experienced this before, bless your heart -- although I can't begin to fathom the pain.

While he is recovering, I've been able to stay in the guest room at his parent's home -- it has been great to help take care of him but difficult to see him in so much constant pain and enduring the fever associated with healing. Word from the doctor is that the pain will peak this weekend.

Here's what I need: I would love for you all to lift us up in prayer this week and as he recovers during May. Pray that Grant (I figured you should know his God given name!) will be comforted by the Lord's strength and be covered in love and healing. Pray that his family and I will be able to ideally care for him and provide him the most love, patience, and comfort that we can.

I am thankful for this time to spend with Grant's family and I can see how my love for him has grown during this time of recovery and pain. I am blessed!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

In transition.

I have graduated from college.
I am patiently awaiting a job offer in MHC while staying in Cary.
I miss my kindergarten students.
I hope to slowly re-enter the blogging world.
I love the Boy.

For a visual of my life in the last few weeks, please visit the Boy's photography blog. He has been better about documenting our lives...