Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Ladies (and gentlemen?),

Summer is in reach. I can smell it. Because of this beautiful fact, it is all I can do to get through this school year, keep pulling all details together for our wedding, and remain patient.

Since I am a pitiful blogger because of said reasons, here is my future husband's post from this last weekend. I thought you might enjoy knowing that I didn't fall off the earth.


81 days until I'm marrying my best friend. Ecstatic! And -- every weekend until 07.24.10 is booked. Crazy!

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the pink prep said...

yay -- summer IS almost here! you are too cute pointing us to the finace's blog -- what gorgeous southern homes he captured on film! quintessential south. thank goodness they were sparred!
good luck with the final touches on the wedding... i DO hope you blog about that! ;-) enjoy your summer events, miss summer!