Tuesday, November 2, 2010

100th Day!

Yesterday, Grant and I celebrated our 100th day of marriage. I could hardly believe it. Our celebration included a quick ChickFilA dinner, bible study, and then an episode of HIMYM, with some laundry thrown in. I guess we are already becoming old married folk?!

{image by my Aunt De from Summer 2009)}

I have been overwhelmed lately with missing my family at the beach...we are attempting to make Thanksgiving plans during which we will juggle being at the beach and traveling to the lake. I am blessed to have such wonderful aunts, uncles, grandparents, parents, and cousins that will allll be in the same place for the week of Thanksgiving. Grant and I also love spending time with his family. Sadly and unlike how I was raised, families are clear across the state...



Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey! That's worth celebrating :)

Cluny Grey said...

That's wonderful that you know you've been married for 100 days! As someone who's been married over 27 years, you've just reminded me that we need to celebrate little things like this more often - yes, even after 27 years. May you always have romance.

the pink prep said...

yall couldn't be cuter!
and i love that you had chick fil a and laundry! :0)
your wedding pictures are simply GORGEOUS!!
what an amazing color scheme and beautiful dress & shoes!

CAC muffin said...

how cute are you guys! Happy 100th days of being married

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