Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our new obsession!

We've added a member to our family! (No, not a baby...)

Meet Sawyer!


He will be nine months old tomorrow! Sawyer is a yellow labrador mix -- he was rescued at twelve weeks by another family outside of Raleigh. We are so blessed to have found this pup who needed to be rehomed.


So far, he has been very well behaved! He loves his rope toys (which I have banned from our home because of all the strings he leaves behind after a chewing session!), tennis balls, and plastic Kongs filled with peanut butter.


He loves to lick but thankfully doesn't slobber much; he's a king at using his sniffer and always obeys to not follow me upstairs with his shedding yellow/white fur coat. Sawyer's a winner!



Katherine said...

So so cute! Glad it's working out so well! He's a lucky little pooch! :)

LC said...

He's a really good looking dog, and I love that name!

Katie said...

Adorable... He looks like such a good puppy.

Phoefe said...

Sawyer is beautiful! nice name.

Vodka Mom said...

He is beautiful. Honestly. said...

Good luck with your contest. I love these books - can't wait for more! :)