Tuesday, June 21, 2011


A while back I posted about recovering the chairs in our dining room. Grant helped me pick out a fabric from a local fabric outlet store and we went to town. I ended up having one yard of fabric left over...and that evening I also saw this post by Jenny of the Little Green Notebook for a pelmet tutorial so I started scheming. After Grant got home from work that next evening, we ventured to Michael's and purchased foam core boards. They were on sale so we only spent about $3.00 that evening!

I did take pictures along the way as I worked on the pelmet boxes for each window. Please let me know if you want to see those and know of all the steps involved! I give my husband all the credit for helping me hang those things...light (because I used foam core) but still tricky to adhere.

Please excuse the Droid picture...I was too excited to wait for Grant to snap a clear shot.

The pelmets add more character to our dining room; I'm in love! We had guests here for the weekend and they couldn't believe I made them. Me either!



♡ bAs said...

what a cute project! I cannot wait to decorate my next place! <3

Lindsey said...

Thanks for the Raleigh suggestions! I really appreciate it! :)

Dayzee said...

nice house! www.styledynamite.blogspot.com-please follow!