Monday, September 26, 2011


Big news!

Grant is teaching me how to play the guitar. Now, I haven't shared this with many friends so I'm telling you all to keep me accountable. Instead of watching one Design Inc on HGTV (shout out to Sarah Richardson...she is amazing) in the evenings, I'm going to challenge myself to learn another chord...or practice the ones that need it! So far, I've attempted A, E, and B. I can play-ish a good old worship song from middle school: Light the Fire! Who remembers it?!

Speaking of music, my dear friend, Caroline, who is equally obsessed with Amy Grant as much as I am, is ENGAGED! Best wishes to a beautiful bride!


Stately Lady said...

Dang, Ave. WHen I pressed play I seriously thought that was you playing and was all "WOW she's so good!" haha. :)

Sandra Carson said...