Friday, December 12, 2008

Sunday Lunch

I had the privilege of joining the Boy for Sunday lunch last week after church. He decided to treat me to my first visit at The Weathervane. I had no idea I was in for such a lovely, Southern experience. Located off 15-501 in University Mall in Chapel Hill, NC, this restaurant once started as a teeny treasure located within A Southern Season. Since 1975, The Weathervane has blossomed and is no longer a cafe but an acclaimed restaurant dedicated to serving the beaus and belles of the South.

When browsing their website, I can across this letter by the founder of the restaurant and wanted to share:

"We all smile when folks notice that A Southern Season's weathervane has all it's arrows pointing south. It's symbolic of traditions where service and hospitality hold honor and respect, and we hope that those traditions are shared each time you choose to visit the store and the restaurant." -Michael Barefoot

Boy and I had the wonderful opportunity to browse A Southern Season while waiting for our table. At the moment I entered the store, I think my jaw dropped. I was in heaven and thinking to myself that I have been living in a hole if I've never stepped foot in such an amazing place. Word on the street is that the Boy loved watching my eyes light up as I discovered such treasures:

All pottery by VIETRI.

Hmmmm, Lemon Drops :)

The December Wine Case

{All images from A Southern Season}

Not to mention that the assortment of paper goodness was beyond belief...Crane & Co., kate spade, and PAPYRUS... so yummy.

Beloved Craig Claiborne of the NY Times labeled A Southern Season "wall to wall and floor to ceiling, a visual and gustatory delight" and I could not agree more. Politely devouring my fried green tomatoes, cheddar scrambled eggs, and fresh fruit, this little lady was in Southern heaven. I think a tradition of having Sunday Lunch there wouldn't be too shabby.

I'm just sayin'.
And thank you to CGL for such an amazing lunch. Let's go treat!


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Molly said...

Sounds fabulous, I love lemon drops! And have never had fried green tomatoes, a disadvantage of living in the north but I've seen the movie!