Wednesday, December 17, 2008

These drugs.

Homegirl here thinking that these drugs aren't doing a dern thing. Mother and Daddy tell me that when I was little and was given pain medicine, I got wide-eyed and crazy. So...that is what we have here ladies and gents. Took a Vicodin and I am rip-rearing, ready to go. nutso.

Word on the street is that the doc had trouble getting me to go to sleep with the IV so they juiced me up even more. Then, my BP got realllllly low so then gave me more medicine to bring me back...and guess what happens? I wake up during surgery. cOoL. not.

As we are leaving the office, I have complete feeling in my mouth. cOoL. not.

I did get to talk to the Boy. He tells me that he would rather be here taking care of me than skinning a bear. I feel honored. ha ha ha.



Emily said...

Oh MY!!! Wisdom teeth pulling stinks!!! The meds made me loopy... like way loopy:)
Glad you found my blog!
Ur blog is darling!!!

Molly said...

Oh, feel better! I was like that when I was little, I had about the same reaction. I have to get all my wisdom teeth out come march not looking forward to it!