Monday, January 5, 2009

Kindergarten Love

Some of you may already now but FYI I'm currently student teaching in Kindergarten at a legit public school in Raleigh. Today was our first day back after the holidays.

Five year olds today were not ready for such a HUGE day of Kindergarten. Apparently.
They whined about missing their Wii, Spiderman paraphernalia, PlayStation 3, and new Princess dolls. Lots of waiting in line for the potty, not knowing how to walk in the hallway, or how keep their voices below a dull roar. However, the girls were donning their manicured nails (loved it) and the boys had new haircuts (except one poor kid whose mother apparently thinks it's "cool" to have a rat tail...)

It was a good day.
1 kid puked on the playground.
1 kid told me he loved me.
1 kid spit on another girl.
1 kid kept asking me what I got for Christmas.

As for the kiddo who professed his love for me (which he does often), it breaks my heart because I know that he comes from a broken home where he is always competing for attention and to be loved. Today he said, "Do you know that I love you?" I said, "Yes, _________, you tell me almost every day!" He responds, "Don't you LOVE that I love you?"...... I just laughed. And nodded my head.

On another note, my good friend, bragged about here, has finally started a super legit blog! yay! Everyone go visit Polka Dots and Protein Bars :)


Mollie said...

Cute blog -- Sounds like you had your hands full today! :)

The Fabulous Life of a Southern Belle said...

awww that breaks my heart about little man who loves you. Hopefully you can be a light in his life. Good luck with the kiddies!

Polka Dots & Protein Bars said...

1. Love you for the shout out.
2. Every school has at least one kid with a rat tail. At mine it was Dwight Gardner. Unfortunate name. Unfortunate 'do.
3. I spent too long in line for the potty yesterday too.
4. I also complained about not being able to stay home and play my Wii.
5. You light up my life.

tmllewellyn said...


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cheers! Taylor

Molly said...

Don't you just love kids? If I was still in grade school I bet I'd be the same way! I love Wii, haha.

Emily said...

I love to hear the stories of fellow teachers. And I love it even more when I realize that kids are all just matter the age. My high school kids act the same way. While I've only had one get sick in the room in my four years, they hug me and tell me they love me every day! It's hilarious! They are such sweet kids.

Mc Allen said...

awww, sounds like you had a well rounded day wonderful!! ♥ LA

hGb said...

Found your blog through Kappa Prep! Love your blog layout!