Monday, September 7, 2009

Staying Busy

The Boy has left for Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with his best friend and two buddies from college. They are going with the Cherokee Gives Back program. I am waiting patiently to hear whether he has made it safely.

Meanwhile, I am enjoying teaching in the third grade and staying busy until he returns on November 7th. Hopefully, I will have time to keep you all posted on the silly things that 8 year olds say. :)

Romans 8:28.


Anonymous said...

Hope you are loving the 3rd grade! My little one love it last year...what a fun age! = )

sEe said...

Averi! That's crazy that Grant is in Ethiopia. I'd love to hear about his trip when he returns. My dad lived in Ethiopia for three years before I was born. I've always wanted to go but I'm scared.. haha! Hope all is well with you :)