Tuesday, September 22, 2009


So I would like to think that I am a fair teacher who expects the most of her students. Today, I was flabbergasted (what a funny word...) by one of my students.
Enter the 8 year old boy. Check out his responses as to why he didn't do his homework:

1) His living room is too small.
2) He could not find a pencil.
3) Soccer practice always comes before homework.

I didn't even try to process those excuses.
My response: Really? Are you being serious?

I followed up with: Do you think David Beckham did his homework? What about Mia Hamm?
FAIL Miss Henderson because this child had no idea who those athletes are. That comparison did not work. I sent him out to recess. I needed to take a deep breath.


Headbands and Hand Bags said...

Oh kids are so funny! I can only imagine what his mother woud be thinking if she had heard that!

Joanna said...

Oh Averi! I miss sharing these stories with you. I know you're so busy... we need to get together sometime soon. I hope you're loving teaching. You're such a natural! :)

KAC said...

Haha kids are so funny sometimes!