Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Check list.

Church, check.
Country Club, check.
Menu, check.
Photographer, check.
Band, check.
Wedding dress, CHECK!
Bridesmaids dresses, check.
Ring bearers, check.

and my favorite part: my Uncle to marry us, check.

Not going to post the remainder of the to-do list...
but I think we are doing pretty well for three weeks into our engagement!

PS -- Dear God, please help us thaw out in North Carolina. It's way too cold!



Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! Love the ring and girl you are so on top of things. Hope your having a great day! XOXO

Annie said...

great job! you're on top of it!

Red and White Preppy said...

WHOA! You really are on top of things :) Yay!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Yey, you've accomplished a lot so far! Congrats! :) Enjoy all of the planning.. isn't it so fun?!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are really on top of things! Can't wait to hear more updates!

Lisa said...

Wow. Ave. That is QUITE impressive!

Mc Allen said...

how excitin! I'm sure your day will be fabulous! & I wonder if it's warmed up any? Here in Ok. we just got another icestorm- which I don't really mind ;) Oh & Congrats! LA