Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Mis estudiantes

My students.

They crack me up. So...I guess I will continue to blog about them and maybe wedding details, if you're lucky. I am just so exhausted after a long day of teaching that I barely have energy to hop over to the computer. (My lap top is sick...)

Anyway, on Monday, I asked for suggestions for a reward for our classroom behavior incentive. We've already done Board Game Day, Dance Party, & Christmas Craft Day.
I thought I would ask for their ideas!

I received the following responses:

"Let's have a pizza party! With punch!"

"No, with soda!"

"Yeah, I can bring my drinking helmet!" -George

"We can have a chugging party."

"Let's have a hot tub party, yahooooooo!"

I teach third grade. And these children are innocent. Really. They're only 8 years old. Born in 2001.

By the end of the class meeting, we decided on a hot chocolate and cookie party.
Wholesome. Yes.


1 comment:

MG said...

Haha, I love the hot tub party idea...because that would be super convient to do during school hours!