Monday, March 14, 2011

My week...

Here's my week in numbers...ready?

10 - Number of times I wanted to have a Diet Coke today (I gave it up for Lent)

9 - Number of times I shouted at the referees during the UNC vs. Duke game. I still say GO Heels! PS -- I watched the games while wearing my NC State sweatshirt. I have a strong disdain for Duke and I'm married to a Tar Heel.

8 - Number of times I've thought about writing a blog post but got distracted by something more pressing :(

7 - Number of chicken wings I consumed during Grant's birthday party. SPICY!

6 - Number of days before Grant's official gift purchased...yikes. Ideas anyone?

5 - Number of days before one of my most special friends get hitched to her sweetheart! I love you RLE!

4 - Number of prescription medicine bottles I've got in my purse right fun!

3 - Number of times I've visited Urgent Care this week

2 - Number of times Sawyer has had an accident inside our house

1- Number of kidney stones I've passed. Thank God it was only one.



little miss southern love. said...

oh no :( sorry to hear about the kidney stones. I too have had them and they are definitely no fun at all. Hope you feel better soon.

xoxo. said...

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