Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Vacation

So my wonderfully extended Christmas vacation was put it mildly!

I shopped, wrapped presents, entertained, read (a LOT!), baked, played, lunched, brunched, gifted, crafted, and best of all, spent quality time with friends and family.My vacation comes to a close in less than 24 hours and I will greet my second graders with big smiles on Wednesday morning. I'm also excited to get back to school to see my good friends at work and get into a solid routine for 2012. So speaking of the new year, I think I've decided upon two goals. Here we go!

Resolution 1: make healthy choices (pretty open ended, right? but I really stink at sticking to a "resolution") -- I'm excited about a new ballet fitness class at the Y and Mom gave me a new headband to keep my ears warm so no excuses on those cold winter days for a good, long run! Grant and I have been staying away from processed foods, dairy, fat and sugar for several weeks now so I'd like to continue that. We'll see!

Resolution 2: be more patient while driving. I really need to just say Scripture out loud instead of raising my voice at the cars that can't hear me! They can't help it if they're ignorant to their left-lane-go-slow-obsession...right?

And since photo posts are more exciting and than just rambling, here are a few phone snapshots from our low-key holiday....

Sawyer on Christmas morning...I promise, we don't always mommick him in such ways. Just on special occasions!

On Christmas evening, Grant went to get some shots of the sunset with the AB bridge in the background. Sawyer had to join in on the fun! I captured this shot from the warm car with my phone. It was such a sweet moment.

Found some time to peruse the racks at Talbots before joining Grant for lunch last week. I had taken this photo in the dressing room (not a notable pastime for me...hah!) and he immediately convinced me to get this 70% off steal of a blazer! What do y'all think? I can't wait to layer with this during the cool/cold months in Raleigh.

On New Year's Eve, at Smith Mountain Lake. We loved spending time at the Linderman lake house! I think that sunset is taste of how beautiful heaven will be!

What are your resolutions for Twenty-Twelve?



LuvRedandWhite said...

Love that blazer! I'm so jealous that your kids don't come back until Wednesday...this will be a long, four-day week! Looks like you had a great Christmas break :)

Brittany White said...

ummm 1) love the pictures! 2) it's been so long, that I totally forgot how TINY you are! Mrs. Skinny Minnie in that picture :) Can I please see your tiny self soon? I'll even plan a trip to Raleigh!

de engineur said...

beautiful sunset shots there!

Sandra Carson said...

loved the pictures...